Lina Alvarez

Executive Producer

Lina moved to Los Angeles in 2006. Originally from Medellin, Colombia, she moved to Georgia at 18, where she taught art and earned her BA in Studio Art with a concentration in Ceramics. She never intended to work in production. Lina decided to make a documentary for the first time that would follow her journey in the Guaifenesin Protocol. The importance of choosing the right teams for production and post had been crucial from day one for her.

Ace Salvador

Executive Producer

Ace Salvador is a film producer from Long Island, New York.

At an early age Ace started writing while watching a lot of action movies. His interests moved to American independent films in high school, and then foreign films in college. He originally went to engineering school for microelectronics engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York, but left to pursue a filmmaking career in Los Angeles.

After attending The Los Angeles Film School in 2008, he discovered his love for working on film sets and putting projects together as a producer. While interning at Michael Bay’s commercial production company, The Institute, Ace produced a variety of short films and music videos before getting hired to produce two commercials for Nike and Adidas.

In 2011, he executive produced and raised financing for his first television pilot, East Sandstone (2011), which was represented by CAA and shopped to the Weinstein Company and Lionsgate.

In 2015, Ace co-produced a horror feature film, Drifter (2017), which secured both North American and foreign distribution and was released in theaters in 2017. He then produced an action film, Sleepless (2017), which wrapped post-production in August 2017. He finished co-producing his third film, FML (2016), where he worked with Point Break (2015) producer John Baldecchi. He also finished producing a film, Strive (2018) that premiered at Harlem International Film Festival, and won “Best Screenplay” at the American Black Film Festival.

Ace has most recently produced a television pilot Folk (2021), and a feature film Who Am I (2021) starring Brandon Flynn, Alisha Boe, Odessa A’zion, Hari Nef. He is a member of the Producer’s Guild of America.

He is filling the slate with more movies whose stories he feels deserve to be seen by the world. Ace believes it is the messages and themes conveyed through film that can unite audiences into a global community, especially themes of hope and recovery in documentaries such as Tender Points.

Seri DeYoung


Seri DeYoung is an LA-based director and actress. You can see her in recurring roles on Good Trouble (Hulu) as Claire, a partner at a tech start up, and on S.W.A.T. (CBS) as Gelina, a radicalized anti-capitalist. The ambitious films she has directed have been screened at festivals domestically and abroad, winning “Best in Show” and “Best Cinematography” awards for Throw Like a Girl which screened at numerous prestigious film festivals including SCAD Savannah Film Festival, Austin Revolution Film Festival, and Dances With Films, as well as picking up “Best Short” and “Audience Award” for Still Life, which received distribution with ShortsTV.

Making the leap from narrative to non-scripted for Tender Points has challenged Seri’s notions of what it means to be a storyteller. Having the responsibility to capture and share the struggles of this brutal and misunderstood disease in a way that will resonate with everyone – not just those who suffer with it – has served to strengthen her abilities as a filmmaker.

Andrew Jordan

Editor & Producer

Is a writer, filmmaker, graphic artist and editor working in Los Angeles. He grew up in Indiana and Vermont and has been working with video and computer graphics since the age of 13. He’s directed over twenty short films & video projects and has presented work at the Lewis Center for Arts at Princeton University, at the Dana Auditorium in Middlebury, Vermont, and at the School of Creative Arts at the University of Melbourne in Australia. He received his degree from the Department of Art & Archaeology at Princeton. He directed and edited his first feature film in 2017. He’s delighted to be an honorary member of the Tender Points sisterhood.

Kimberly Woods


Kimberly Woods is an American actress,award-winning voice over artist and film producer. After graduating from Princeton with a degree in neuroscience and theatre she moved to Los Angeles to start her career. She has since produced short films, web-series and a narrative feature. The two documentaries, Tender Points and Leveling Lincoln, mark her first entry into the non-fictional realm. This is her first time as a cinematographer, and being friends with Lina, she was honored to try to capture her journey in a realistic and natural way that would be seen as an intimate portrait into the life of someone living with fibro. She’s passionate about helping raise awareness of this invisible illness and thrilled to be a part of this mostly female team.

Jennifer Tocquigny


Jennifer has worked in scripted, documentary, and branded content over the last decade. Her projects have screened at 150+ film festivals worldwide including world premieres at TIFF, SXSW (Audience Award), Sheffield, IDFA, and AFI FEST. She received the IDA Award in 2018 for Best Short Series with her team at MEL Films for producing 52 short films in two years. Jennifer has worked on digital and branded content for HBO, Warner Brothers, Netflix, Starz, Freeform, Sony Pictures, and the Hallmark network. Jennifer’s experience extends outside of the U.S, and has produced film projects in Germany, France, Paraguay, Brazil, Nicaragua, Pakistan, New Zealand and Cuba. Jennifer is a returning panelist for the Comic-Con Independent Filmmaking series, and is a guest lecturer at Relativity’s Studio School for independent filmmaking.